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The Hidden Gem of Santorini during the Spring

The Hidden Gem of Santorini during the Spring

Most don't consider coming to Greece during any season besides summer so going during April gave the high season taste with the low season advantages. We had the perfect weather these past 3 days in Santorini with perfect sunny 75-80 degree weather without a cloud in the sky. We were able to enjoy the sunshine with wearing summer clothes and tanning on the beach without it being too hot or crowded. I think we really lucked out with our timing because Mother Nature definitely worked in our favor. We scored on off season prices with booking our hotel, ATVs and sunset boat cruise. The streets were also pretty empty so we got to drive everywhere with our ATVs without worrying about hitting pedestrians or any sort of traffic jam. All the beaches we went to were pretty empty as well and it was as if we had our own private beach.

The top things were did in Santorini were:

  1. Renting ATVs: this was our main mode of transportation and it suited us well for our 3 days on the island. We bargained and got 3 days with a full tent of gas for only 35 euros. The island is pretty big and the public transportation is really unreliable so this was the best way to get around the city.

  2. Sunset Boat Cruise: this was a bit out of our price range but we decided to spurge because of the great reviews I read on tripadvisor. It included hotel drop off and pick up, 5 hours on the water, and dinner with grilled meats and seafood (unlimited drinks). I felt like a queen sitting on the boat and cruising around the island. It was heaven! We were able to stop off at a number of different spots to go swimming and the water felt amazing. The crew were really friendly and knowledgable about the island and any questions we had. They also gave us unlimited wine, which we took full advantage of.

  3. Tanning on the Beach: we hit up a number of different beaches - black sand beach, red sand beach, and Kamari beach. Each were peaceful since there weren't a ton of people. We had nice breezes that allowed us to stay out in the sun for awhile without getting me too hot.

  4. Walking around Oia and Fira: these areas are what you picture Santorini to look like - with white buildings along the cliff and blue water. It was absolutely breathtaking! We saw a ton of people painting their roofs and buildings to get ready for the summer season so the definitely have to keep their buildings in tip top shape. These two areas are also perfect places to watch the sunset.

Next Time:

  1. Visit the volcano: we were planning to do this but our boat guide told us that it's not really worth it unless you're into stuff like that. Plus since we also splurged on the boat cruise we didn't want to pay more money to boat to the volcano. But next time I definitely want to check this out!

  2. Hike Fira-Oia: we didn't plan our days out well enough to hit the hike since it takes 4 hours there and another 4 hours back. I heard the hike is beautiful and pretty easy so try to sneak this in if you have a chance.

  3. 2 Brothers: 200 meters south of the Koo Club is the crazy little bar 2 Brothers. If you let the bartender hit you over the head with a bat (while wearing a helmet) you get a free shot. It sounds obnoxious (and it is) but the saving grace is that everyone here is super friendly and there’s very little attitude. Good times.

  4. Lucky's: Best gyros!!

  5. Walk the Steps From Oia to Amoudi Bay: The tiny port of Amoudi Bay is located a whopping 300 steps below the town of Oia. The descent will be slightly challenging, but you will be rewarded with breathtaking views along the way and quaint tavernas for refueling at the bottom. You can also make a popular pit stop at 39 Steps cafe for a frappe, water or Donkey beer, you’ll need it.


Being in the sun and enjoying the amazing weather made me so happy!! I can't wait for the summer but not looking forward to heading to Munich this weekend where it's supposed to rain and snow.

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