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A heated debate that will never be resovled: (FB) Barcelona vs. (Real) Madrid

So I actually know nothing about Futbol but since they played over the weekend and Real Madrid won, I thought it was applicable to this post. This is going to be a quick blog about my thoughts between the two major cities of Spain. The travel guides for both will be posted later on when I get a chance to write about them.


Barcelona: since this city is by the weather, it gets pretty chilly at night and it picks up the cool breeze from the ocean. However, when I was there, it was city all day long but then at around 5-6pm it got pretty chilly and I needed to put on pants and a jacket.

Madrid: the full day I was here, the weather was terrible so I don't have a great impression on the city but I heard that the weather isn't as sunny or nice as it is in Barce so I'm going to base it off of what people tell me. However, I think the two cities probably only vary a few degrees year round.

Winner: Barcelona (by a little bit)


This is a tie obviously since both cities eat tapas and paella, drink sangria, etc. There is not a huge distinction between the two cities besides the fact that BCN has more restaurants since it caters to a larger tourist population.

Night Life

Barcelona: this city is known for its crazy and fun night life so the winner is a given. I was also here on a weekend so obviously it would be a lot more fun. The city has more clubs and bars plus this is where everyone from everywhere come to party and have a good time.

Madrid: I did not get to experience the clubbing life here because I only went on pub crawl and I left before everyone hit the club. However, from what I've heard it is pretty fun but doesn't get as crazy as BCN.

Winner: Barcelona (by a land slide)

Spanish Culture

Barcelona: as sad as it is I think Barca has lost a good amount of its Spanish flare since it has become such a hub for tourists. Everywhere I walked, maybe because I was in a touristy area, but restaurants, stores, and attractions were all catered to tourists. I did not feel like I was in a Spanish country. Almost every person I came across were all foreigners and I did not once feel the need to have to speak Spanish. The city has become in a sense Westernized which sucks because the Spanish culture is amazing.

Madrid: here you get the cute, small, Spanish town feel here. The streets are more narrow andactually I actually heard more Spanish being spoken than any other languages while walking the streets. The streets were crammed with tourists and I was able to see the Spanish flare. Things seemed more authentic here and that the city was meant for actual Spanish locals to live in. Additionally, I got to see a Flamenco show which was AMAZINGGG!!

Winner: Madrid


Barcelona: you have to be on your party A-game 24/7 in this city. There night life and party scene is off the chain here. You are expected to stay out until 6 or 7 am and be able to do it day after day. However, to have a sustainable lifestyle here would be really hard. Plus having to get around all the tourists is a pain in the butt. It would be annoying just trying to get anywhere since the city is so packed with people. The best part is that the city is next to the beach so makes life a bit more enjoyable.

Madrid: since this is a less touristy city and not as crowded, I can imagine living here for a long period of time. Barcelona is a fun place for a weekend trip to party in but definitely not one that promotes a healthy and sustainable living environment. Madrid really offers that since everything is close together and the streets are calmer and you have Partique del Retiro to relax in.

Winner: Madrid


But in my opinion, Madrid would be the better city for me because if my plan is to get learn Spanish and get immersed in the Spanish culture, Madrid would allow me to do that while Barce would be a fun weekend trip to party in. Surprise surprise, Real Madrid beat FC Barcelona 2-1. See how the world works?

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