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The best part of Ireland: THE PEOPLE

St. Patrick's Day


I did the typical basic thing and went to Dublin, Ireland for St. Patrick's Day (aka St. Paddy's NOT St. Patty's haha got a lot of shit from my Irish friends about it).  To be honest it was very underwhelming. I was expecting a lot more out of the big holiday especially since Irish people are heavy partiers and drinkers. We missed the parade which I heard was just for young kids so wasn't that bummed. Most people who were out on the streets and in the bars were non-Irish people so we didn't even get to part with the Irish. Plus all the bars were packed and we couldn't find places to shit and drinks were expensive. However, we still got really drunk and had a blast so it was a good time. We actually went back to our Airbnb at like 8pm and crashed by 9pm. We were planning to go out at night but I was out like a light. Apparently Ralph and Manny came and were trying to get me out and I bitched them out and threw a punch. Hahaha whoops! Was not aware of my aggression during my sleep... 


Cliffs of Moher


We booked a Cliffs of Moher tour with PaddyWagon. They had so many people going that day that some of my ffiends didn't even have to pay so it was a free $40 tour for 8 hours so a pretty good fucking deal. It was cloudy on our 3 hour bus ride so I was a bit bummed because seeing the cliffs in the fog would be terrible. But our tour guide was a gem and tried his best to make arrangements for us to get the best sights possible so we diverted from the original path and got to the cliffs earlier than the other groups so it was emptier and the weather was AMAZING. It made me so happy to be in nature with the sun shining. We got some great pics too (; will post them once I have a computer because I can't do it with an iPad. The cliffs are about 700 feet high and they were gorgeous, beyond breathtaking. If I get a chance to see them again I would want to do the ferry tour to see the cliffs up close and personal. Read great reviews about it and that it's even prettier from the bottom. We spent about 2 hrs on the cliffs but I probably could have spent more time there. Afterward they took us to some other small towns around the west side of Ireland. We got back to our airbnb around 9pm. 


Night Time: 

It was Sarah's 21st birthday celebration and she booked a place for us to pre game that's about 45 mins from the main city. On the event she wrote "open bar" so naturally I thought there was gonna be free drinks BUT in Ireland it actually means that a bar will be open. Sad life); I didn't or game because I thought there were free drinks. Anyway this night was when it was confirmed that Irish people are great. Her friends were so friendly and when we went to a club after they weren't creepy at all. This was a first in Europe. Irish guys just let us do our thing.

Last Day

We did the Guiness tour during the day and it was actually worth it. You need to book your tickets beforehand though or else you'll be in line forever. There are 7 different floors with free tasting on each floor. They also had traditional Irish performers playing instruments and tap dancing. The roof was really cool too, overlooking the city. After we went into Temple Bar and hungout at this cool bar with live music. The musician was extremely talented and after a sax player came out. There was a table of older people next to us and they were all drunk. One cougar was really into Manny. She was feeling him up, touching his abs, slapping his ass, and grinding on him. It was HILARIOUS!! I wish we didn't have to leave for the airport because the streets of Dublin was poppin' so many people on the streets with street performers and every pub had live music. It was so fun!

Irish people are the funniest, nicest, and drunkest people!

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