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10 things to Czech out in Prague

10 things to Czech out in Prague

Prague is a really cute, little city in Czech Republic that has amazingly cheap beer and accommodations. You don't need more than 2 - 3 days in this city since it's pretty small but it is definitely worth stopping by in. You can easily walk everywhere. DO NOT use taxi! They will rip you off because they know you're a tourist. Uber is pretty big in the city so use that if you can't walk somewhere or after a night out. 

1. Drink Cheap Beer: this is a MUST MUST MUST in Prague! At any small night shop you can get a bottle of beer from 9 - 20 CZK (Czech currency) which is about 30 - 80 cents. It's definitely cheaper than water so just for this weekend skip the H20 and opt for some brew. At a lot of restaurants and bars you can get half a liter for around 2 bucks.

2. Walk the Charles Bridge: gorgeous scenery with a lot of performers along the way. If you're lucky and it's a nice day out, you will see a lot of life on this bridge. It takes you from one side of the main city to the other side where the Prague Castle is. Be careful, there a lot of lot of different bridges near each other in Prague so make sure you're walking across the right one.

3. Prague Castle: once you cross the Charles Bridge, you will get to another side of Prague that is more rustic and in my opinion the prettier side of Prague. You'll walk through cool streets and alleyways up a hill to get to the castle. The castle stretches over the entire hill area but don't be fooled, it doesn't look like castles that you've seen in movies. To be honest, that's what I was looking for when I was walking but the castle is a huge stretch of land. We didn't get the chance to go inside but you can pay about 4-5 euros to go inside and I heard it's beautiful. We walked around outside and it was just as nice. Fun Fact: the castle lights up at night because Mic Jagger paid to get it done!

4. John Lennon Wall: This wall is also on the same side as the Prague Castle. Back in the day, the wall was painted with Beatles lyrics and of John Lennon to represent freedom and rebellion against the communist. It's a small piece of wall graffitied over. It's not anything like the Berlin Wall, as I had hoped, but it's still pretty cool! We went to the John Lennon Pub right next to it and had some good 'ol English beers.

5. Old Town Square: this is the main square in the city. It's where the Astronomical Clock is and at the beginning of every hour there's a trumpet player who comes out and plays so the crowd all gather up around it. There are a ton of street performers here and food stands and PIGEONS. Man the pigeons there are diseased and mutant!! This square is where a lot of arial shots of Prague are taken because of the beautiful buildings surrounding it.

6. Go up the Tower: you have to pay about 3 euros to go up the tower but it's pretty worth it! You get a beautiful arial view of the city and we were up there when the trumpet player performed so that was really cool. 

7. Novy Svet: this is a little street next to Prague Castle that has a ton of little sized houses in them. My friends who are around 5 feet tall had to bend over to get through the doorway. It's also where the famous write Krafka used to live. You can also get beer chapstick and shampoo! It's a pretty short street so just swing by after you've checked out the castle. (ignore the asian lady in this picture, I have no idea who it is and she kinda freaks me out lol)

8. Eat beef goulash: when you go to a new city you have to try their cuisine and Prague is known for their beers and beef goulash! I had it in two different restaurants: Krcma and Mlejnice. It's delicious! I definitely think the food at Mlejnice is a lot better, especially the beef goulash. Theses are popular restaurants so if you go on a weekend you should try to make a reservation before but if you can't, it's not a big deal. 

9. Sing Karaoke: we found a cute underground karaoke place next to our hostel that has Karaoke nights every Monday starting at 7:30pm. It's literally called The Karaoke Underground. You go through a restaurant and downstairs and where the magic happens. Man the people who come here are actually AMAZING singers! I was really intimidated but after a few cups of cheap beer I was ready to go.

10. Night Life/Bars: I heard the night life here is crazy but we came on a Saturday so was only able to witness one night of it. We went to the most touristy club you could ever imagine. It's a 5 story club called Karlovy Lane. Do not go here!! I mean it's really fun and every story plays a different type of music but it's really not worth it if you're trying to get the traditional Prague experience. Some other cool clubs I heard about are: Sasazu, Retro, Lucerna, Duplex, and Roxy. Also if you can, go to an Ice Bar!! It's super cool. 


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