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โœˆ Boston, MA, USA

Berlin is the TRUE city that never sleeps

It's true what they say about the crazy night life in Berlin. I don't think I've stayed out this late ever before. Friday night (aka Saturday morning) I got home around 6am and Saturday night (aka Sunday morning) I got home around 9am. I am physically, emotionally, mentally, and everything in between exhausted. I need to do a detox and cleanse. 

Also the clubs in Berlin are ridiculous strict! I've never been rejected to so many clubs before... it hurts my self-esteem a bit. I went to Matrix and Tresor but got rejected from KitKat, Tresor (the first time), and the almighty Berghein (twice *sigh*). I guess I will never experience the craziness and wackiness of Berghein. I will live vicariously through stories from Brandon. 

Attempted to recreate a dish we found online...

Watched my first "football" match!