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Travel Guide for Caminito del Rey - "World's Scariest Hike"

Travel Guide for Caminito del Rey - "World's Scariest Hike"

If you are in the south of Spain, either in Malaga or Sevilla, plan a half day visit to Caminito del Rey. The pathway was once known as one of the world's scariest hikes but has since been renovated and reopened in 2015. Also known as the King's Little Pathway, the pathway was closed in 2000 for more than a decade due to a number of deaths from those attempting to cross it. Although the risk and thrill factor might no longer be there, it is still worth a visit. With the river flowing below and steep rock walks on either side, it does feel a bit daunting to be standing at 105 meters high, but since the renovation, you are protected on both sides of the walking path and you are also required to wear a helmet.

Buying Tickets

You can purchase entrance tickets beforehand on their website or at the entrance. When you book online, there are different time slots and most morning ones are sold out but you can buy anytime and just go, they are not strict about it. It costs 10 euros and another 1.55 euros for the bus ride from the south entrance to the north, where the hike/walk starts. Although you can buy it there, I would recommend buying it online just to be sure since it is busy and will sell out during popular seasons.

Getting There By Train from Malaga

From Malaga, there is a train that takes you straight to El Chorro, the city Caminito is located in. On the website, they state that there is only one train heading there a day at 10:05 from Malaga Maria Zambrano station. I'm not sure if it was just because I went in November and it wasn't as busy but definitely check to make sure beforehand what time the train will leave. It should be the train heading to Ronda. It costs 5 euros each way. 

Coming back, the website also states that there is only one train coming back at 18:05 which we bought tickets for at the station but one came at 15:00 so don't worry about having to wait a few hours to head back home. 

You can buy your train ticket at the station, just get there a bit earlier to get that sorted out because the train will leave on time. 


The train drops you off at the south entrance but the start of the hike is up north so you have to take a bus to the very top. It goes every half hour. You can buy a bus ticket when you purchase the entrance ticket or on the bus. The ride is about 15-20 minutes so I would recommend taking the bus instead of walking since there isn't a clear walking path.

The entire trip is about 7 - 8 km but it's pretty lesure. You won't have to go up any steep hills or worry about having proper hiking gear. People have walked it in jeans and they were fine. You will walk for about 2.5 km until the entrance and that is where you get your helmet and start on the actual pathway. Since the renovation, the walk is very safe. You at protected on both sides so you will never feel unsafe. The only scary part for some might be walk across the suspended bridge. However, there is a worker there who can help you walk across if you don't want to do it alone. 

The entire walk took about 3 hours, more or less, but you should dedicate a half day for the entire trip.


9:45 - Walk to Malaga Maria Zambrano bus station

10:05 - Take the train to El Chorro

10:50 - Arrive at El Chorro

11:00/11:30 - Take bus to the North Entrance

12:00 - Start Hike

14:45/15 - Arrive back at the train stop

15:30 - Take train back to Magala

16:15 - Arrive back in Malaga

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