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โœˆ Chicago

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Dutch Delicacies...

I went to the weekly outdoor market in Rotterdam by Blaak Station and tried some Dutch delicacies. I've determined that the Dutch do not have great taste in food. Lol But since I'm here, I need to have the whole experience and try it all. I tried two things:

Haring: Raw finish with onions

Verdict: it's not as bad as I thought it was be. It's pretty salty but kinda good. They eat this in between bread to help cancel out the saltiness. It's not something I wake up in the morning and crave but It's not too bad. 

Poffertjes: Mini pancakes with butter and powdered sugar

Verdict: it honestly tasted like a pancake with a lot of sugar lol It's good but you definitely need the butter and sugar with it to make it good. Probably something I would only eat once. It was nothing spectacular. 

Truffles & Van Gogh Museum

Wowing them with my cooking (tybg no one got sick lol)