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Sundara Festival - First ever festival hosted by Odesza and Foreign Family

Sundara Festival - First ever festival hosted by Odesza and Foreign Family

You may have heard about Fyre Fest when it broke the news or when the Netflix and Hulu documentaries came out about how much of a disaster it was. Sundara Festival for a hot second felt like it would follow the same path… oh boy were we wrong!

Sundara was one of the best weekends and festivals ever (and I’ve been to many festivals)! I think now that I’m a bit older, I appreciate how much more I enjoy a luxury festival like this. As in, those days of camping with no showers in the desert are behind me. Sundara is the complete opposite of that!

Here are reasons that made Sundara so great (in no particular order):

  1. All-inclusive: unlimited food and drinks with servers bringing you alcohol (shots, beers & cocktails) and water right to you

  2. Your room is cleaned and your bed is made every day, which means you can take a nap in a comfortable bed with AC in the middle of the day or whenever you need a quick break

  3. You’re in Mexico!

  4. You are right on the beach

  5. Pool parties: if you’ve never been to a pool party before, you’re missing out on the best party ever, but make sure you remember to wear sunscreen

  6. A handful of the best artists and none of their sets overlap! Don’t you hate having to pick and choose which artists to see and which sets you have to cut short? Not here! You are able to see everyone and they give you enough time in between stages to move from one place to another

  7. No major logistical issues and things were well organized (surprising for their first festival!)

  8. And I had the best crew ever (30+ people)!!!!! <— top reason

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I heard about the festival and purchased my ticket and I had trust issues after watching the Fyre Fest documentaries but everything came together perfectly.

Check out some pictures and video below:


Sundar Festival

March 13-16, 2019

Riviera Maya, Cancun, Mexico

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