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This was a DREAM. COME. TRUE. You don't even understand how excited I was when they called my name. I was literally shaking as they handed me my tickets. This was my 6th time trying to win tickets! When I left my friend's apartment early in the day, I had a really good feeling about it. I even told them that "it's my lucky day, I can feel it!" And I was right!!  I've become a bit of a musical junkie and this has been on the top of my list for a very long time! We got awesome box seats tickets for only $32 each, unheard of anywhere! 

How it works is that they do a physical lottery drawing at a certain time each day. You just have to get there before the lottery closes and fill out a slip. They put it in a barrel and do the old fashion, spin to mix up the slips and they randomly hand-pick each name. They normally have around 15 seats available for each showing and each name can get up to 2 tickets. 

There were two people who got picked but they weren't there so they didn't get the tickets. I really lucked out because I was the second to last person to be picked. Which means, if those people had shown up and collected their tickets, I wouldn't have been chosen. So thank you for not being there! 

The show was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! So much better and funnier than I had expected. It exceeded everything I had built up about the show. It had me in tears and my stomach hurt from laughter. It's very offensive but that's what made it so great! I can definitely see it again!! Hands down the best musical I have ever seen. It is a MUST SEE!!! Whatever you do, try and see the show in New York if possible. You will not regret it!

Also met the lead in the show! I could not have asked for a better end to my New York trip! 

Fingerscrossed for Better Pictures...

Mama, I Made It! (I'm basically famous)

Mama, I Made It! (I'm basically famous)