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[Koh Phangan, Thailand] My Favorite Thai Island (Not Only for the Parties)

[Koh Phangan, Thailand] My Favorite Thai Island (Not Only for the Parties)

So everyone comes to Koh Phangan for Half or Full Moon, what this island is most known for. To be honest, that was the only thing I knew about this island. I didn't even bother to look up other things to do around the island. I thought I would party hard during those times then the rest of the time chill at the hostel. It turns out, by being here for almost 2 weeks, it is a beautiful island with a lot of hidden places that most don't get to see because they only come to party. Don't get me wrong, the beach parties are a ton of fun and there is always something to do at night whether it's Jungle Party, Eden, Waterfall, Lighthouse, Haad Rin Beach, etc. 

Here are some of my favorite parts of the island:

1. Secret Beach Bar


This bar overlooks the beautiful crystal blue water with hammocks all along the edge. You can also jump off into the beach and feed the fish down below. It's usually the first stop we head to when we do a tour around the island. We head there for some Jager Bombs, others will eat lunch, some with jump into the water and swim with the fish, and I'll go chill in the hammock (I have a huge thing for hammocks, remember?)

2. Secret Beach

This is a pretty nice beach in itself. We never chill here but it has white sand and blue water. Definitely a good spot to spend the day.

3. Coral Beach

Joe and Ryan knows the owner of the bar on this beach. She was a traveler before and fell in love with the place so came set up a bar and villa here with her Thai husband. The beach is pretty secluded. I don't think many people know about it but to be fair there's a lot of beaches on the island so there isn't one that's absolutely the best. They are all pretty great! This beach has a sweet swing above the sand and you can watch the sunset here. The only bad note was that I accidentally placed my hand on a sea urchin so I was in pain for a bit, nothing a little lime can't fix. 

4. Mae Haad Beach

This beach is at the north west of the island and there are actually two beaches that are split up by a sand divider. To be honest, I don't think this beach is that nice or not as nice as the other ones we've been to. The best part about it is that it's right underneath the 360 Bar.

5. 360 Bar - Best Sunset

This place is hands down the best sunset spot I've been to in the entire island. The bar sits pretty high above and you can sit along the ledge with a drink while watching the sun set over the water. It's absolutely breathtaking!

6. Amsterdam Bar

You can smoke weed, chill in the pool and watch the sunset all at this place. It arguably has one of the best sunsets but we didn't go here during sunset so I can't compare it to 360 Bar. However, it's a super cool place to chill out at during the day when you don't sand all over you or you're craving a high sess. 

7. Night Market - Street Food

Anywhere in Thailand wouldn't be complete without a street market so there's one that I went to a few times for dinner. The market is relatively small but the food is cheap and delicious. It's also right by all the backpacking hostels so an easy spot to swing by for dinner on my motorbike. 

So you can see, the island is absolutely beautiful. It's a shame that must backpackers only get to experience the partying side of the island. But this is also why this is my favorite island in Thailand. It has the perfect mix of crazy fun parties and beautiful serene beaches.

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