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[Koh Phangan, Thailand] Their Mishap, Our Laughter

This is such a hilarious and great story to tell, only because it didn't happen to me. I was only an observer so I got a kick out of everything that was happening to these American guys.

These three American guys, 1 big buff Caucasian guy, 1 buff African American guy, and 1 Caucasian bald guy, stuck out like sore thumbs. You will notice and recognize them from anywhere! Anyway, while I was working at the hostel in Koh Phangan, they came with their big truck that they rented in Bangkok and have been driving through Thailand and to the islands. The first day they got there, someone graffitied a giant penis and wrote "fuck you" on their truck. The hostel owners had to scrub it off for them.  

Later that night we all went out partying on the beach with the entire hostel. People always end up splitting and doing the own thing. Anyway, I came back home and stayed up until maybe 6/7am talking to Ryan. At this time we saw the big Caucasian guy get driven back on a motorbike by a ladyboy. She demanded he pay 1,000baht so Ryan went out and tried arguing with her because a ride from the beach should only be max 100baht. She wouldn't budge so the guy paid her and she left. He came to us with this elaborate story about him getting beaten up on the beach last night by 4 Thai Mafias and how they had him on the sand and throwing punches at him. He saw her walk by and offered to pay 1,000baht to get driven back to the hostel. Of course to him face we were gasping and tried comforting him but when he left to go to bed we instantly knew he just made that story up. He didn't have any bruises, cuts, scratches, or blood on him. He only had some sand and that was about it. If you're getting "beaten up" by 4 other guys, there should be some sign of it on your body. Nope, nothing at all. So we figured he probably got sucked off by a ladyboy but was too embarrassed to admit it and had to come up with this outrageous story. 

I eventually went to bed right after and when I woke up later that day I looked outside my window and saw the 3 guys standing by their car surrounded by Thai police and locals. We didn't know what was going on but immediately went outside to find out. It turns out they stole a giant wooden elephant statue from a resort in Koh Samui, a neighboring island. They got caught on camera and was send out to all the workers on every island. The islands aren't big so everyone pretty much knows everyone. I guess someone recognized them and called the police. 

If you get caught stealing you pay 100x the amount of the item but the resort owner didn't want money, he wanted them in jail. So this little prank of theirs is going to put them in Thai prison for 6 weeks to a year. I'm assuming the owner was sick of westerners coming to their resort and causing chaos. I don't know what else happened but they disappeared and never came back. Good luck in Thai prison... It's a great story to tell but I would never wish that was me. Sorry Boys!

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