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Not really sure what I did in Koh Phi Phi...

After a few days in Krabi, I took the 2 hour boat ride to Koh Phi Phi. A party island on the west coast of Thailand. I didn't drink during my last day in Malaysia or in Krabi because I knew it would be a crazy time in Phi Phi and I was not wrong. I met these girls on the boat there and we stayed together the entire time and they were so much fun! We clicked immediately and I felt like I'd known them for longer than a couple days! Love ya Jess and Chloe <3 Phi Phi's night life is on point, even during low season. They have fire shows on the beach, tons of fun bars, pool parties, and booze cruises. It's a really small island so you can get around easily on foot. 

During the first night, I met up with the girls I met and a few other people we met during the day at an Irish Pub (because what good city doesn't have an Irish pub?) to have a few drinks and play some pool. I bought a bottle and chaser and carried it around in a water bottle all night so I didn't have to spend any money on drinks. #winningatlife After we headed to a boxing ring bar where you can go up to box and get a free bucket. Chloe and I agreed to go up and be silly with it. As in just pretend to fight and do it for the entertainment. It was pretty hilarious but some guys were angry that we weren't fighting for real. Calm down Bro, we're just here to have some fun. Anything for free alcohol right?

Then the next bar had this college vibe going on so beer pong tables everywhere, pop/r&b/hip-hop music playing, and cheap drinks. The bartenders even gave me a cup of ice for my mix drink. The rest of the night went on like this - going from one bar to another. I can't say for sure I remember everything but I still had a blast!! The rough part is that there was a big pool party the next day...

Im just kidding, I guess it wasn't the worse thing in the world waking up and heading out to a pool party because IT WAS LIT! It was pretty calm and fun to begin with but as the day went on it turned into a vegas like party. I was straight vibing it! Sooooo much fun. There's just something about being drunk in a pool that makes a party 10x better. Since we were day drinking, I tapped out around 8/9pm. There was no way I could've kept on going during the night.

Okay so I did do non-drinking things, or thing, because it was just one. We hiked up to a viewpoint! We followed the guys and they took us the long way, through mud, gravel, and we were the only ones on the road. Something must've been wrong... but we got excited and thought we would get the whole viewpoint to ourselves. Very wrong! There were at least 50 people up there! That's we knew we took the wrong way up and the right way had a nice concrete path with steps. In hindsight, we went up a better way because the other way had steps going up and I wasn't in the mood for stair master. The viewpoint was pretty awesome! It overlooks the two beaches and the rest of Phi Phi. It's 30THB to enter but I think pretty worth it to have a quick look and also a really easy hike up.

I was originally planning to stay 4-5 days in Phi Phi but Jess told me she saw a whale shark in Koh Tao a few days ago and doesn't know how much longer it'll be there. So I cut my trip short so I could head to Koh Tao as soon as possible. Very well worth it because if I had stayed, I would've missed it! (More about that in a later blog). I also wanted to do one of the booze cruise but it was 2,500THB, a bit too much for my budget, especially since I wanted to get my advance open water certification. It's okay diving is way better than a boat party anyway! 

Why I've been so MIA + Diving in Koh Tao

Why I've been so MIA + Diving in Koh Tao

En Route: Krabi, Thailand!

En Route: Krabi, Thailand!