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“There’s a fat Irish man in your bed.” “WHAT?!”

St. Patrick’s Day weekend was a huge party at Wild Rover in Cusco and we made sure to come back the night of the 17th just to join the festivities. I was in the bar when my friend goes “Are you in bed C10?” “Yes, why?” “Oh there’s a fat Irish man in your bed.” I thought he was playing a joke on me so I didn’t really believe him but he just seemed so serious. So I stormed out the bar and to my room to figure this shit out. I wasn’t still believing it when I was walking to my room but when I got there and pulled aside the curtains, there was a… BIG IRISH MAN in my bed. 

I started out nudging him nicely to wake him up: “Hey, wake up, you’re in my bed.” But he was like a big stone and was not budging. So I started getting more and more aggressive while shaking him to wake him up. “Hey, wake up. HEY WAKE UP. WAKE FUCK UP YOU ARE IN MY BED. WHAT. THE. FUCK. UP!” He eventually woke up dazed and confused to why this girl was waking him up. When he was awake he goes “Wtf, what is going on?!” “Dude, you’re in my bed.” “No I’m not. I’m drunk and tired, fuck you!”

So when he got up from the bed, I offered to take him to the right bed. When I looked at his wristband, it also said C10. So awkward… we were assigned to the same bed so now I really felt like a big bitch. Then he just erupted, “Omg wtf, why did you wake me up. Fuck you I’m so drunk and tired, omg ugh!” Then he frantically goes searching for all his things and walks out with his backpack. I thought we were going to reception but he walked towards the bathroom instead. So I was a bit confused of what to do. My friends were just standing in the corner giggling and other people sleeping in their bed woke up and were like the peanut gallery enjoying the show. 


Then he comes back and goes on a raging search for his bag. He goes through every locker and bed looking for his bag. We tried helping him but he was so frantic and angry that he wouldn’t let him. “It’s a great big bag. WHERE IS IT?!” Then a guy goes “Did it have a Canadian flag on it?” “Yes, that’s my bag.” “You walked to the bathroom with it.” “Wtf no I didn’t, why would I do that?” He then walks out to find his backpack. I didn’t know what to do so I went to the reception to figure out what to do.

When I got to reception he was there with his backpack and the receptionist goes “Is she the one who beat you up?” “What I didn’t say beat up, I said aggressively woken up.” “No, quote and quote, you said beat up. I wasn’t worried about the bed problem, I was worried that someone was getting assaulted.” I was so confused! Can I, an asian girl, beat up a guy at least twice my size?? How is that even possible. 

Hahaha so it’s hilarious! It was like a drama. But in the end it turned out HE was in the wrong bed because he was supposed to check out and change beds but he never did. 

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