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A little mishap...

I wrote about my miscommunication at work which led me to stop volunteering and just travel for three weeks until I flew out of Europe on December 3rd. I had left a lot of my stuff at my old apartment so I wouldn't have to worry about checking in bags or trying to sneak my big backpack on the tiny RyanAir planes. I did not tell my boss because he never comes around and I didn't think he would mind it. I had originally planned to come back December 2nd, stay one night on the couch and then head out the next day, no harm no foul. 

However, travel plans change all the time and I ended up coming back December 1st instead since flights were a lot cheaper from Poland. I stayed at the apartment night of December 1st and everything was fine. I did not even think of telling my boss that I was crashing a couple nights and also using laundry. In hindsight, I know I should've said something to him because it was pretty inconsiderate and rude of me to just use their facilities like that. It honestly did not cross my mind...

He would not have known if I had gotten back to pick up on my laundry on time. We are allowed between 4 - 6pm to do our laundry because that's Spain's siesta time. I came by about 30 minutes late since the center was so pack, it was hard to get around and walk back quickly. Since I had picked up my laundry late, the receptionist took it out for me and she messaged my boss. After about 15 minutes of coming back with my laundry, I get an angry phone call from him...

"Christina, do you have keys?"

"I have the ones that Veronika left here."

"What are you doing there?"

"I left some of my stuff here and I just came back today to pick it up because my flight out is tomorrow."

"So you think it would be okay to stay at the apartment and use our laundry without telling me? That's a bit much don't you think?"

"Yes I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to disrespect you. My plans changed and it was pretty last minute."

"You can't stay there since you didn't ask. I want you to pack your things and get out. I will come back later to check."

All of my stuff from laundry were still wet and I had them drying on the rack. I was organizing everything into my backpack and packing up to head out. Then 15 minutes late, he comes through the door and goes "This is very rude! I'm annoyed you're not already out of the apartment. This is not okay!"

I apologize multiple times as I'm hurrying to pack up. Then even more annoyed he goes "I'm very busy, you need to hurry up." I frantically shoved all of my belongings into my backpacks and was silently wishing I hadn't forgotten anything. I walked out of the apartment and used the stairs while he use the elevator to avoid any awkward silence. 

I was glad I had a friend who was home that night and responded to my messages right away to let me stay with her. It was a very stressful hour/hour and a half. I'm pretty disappointed that I left on a bad note but what's done is done.

Again, in hindsight, I should have told him from the beginning what I was doing and asked for him permission. I know, not 100% but I'm pretty sure, he would have been okay with it. Oh well lessoned learned!

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