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A unexpectedly strange big night + work mix-up

Changing jobs in Malaga

For the past 5 and a half weeks, I've been working as a night receptionist at a hostel in Malaga, as you may know. The hostel I work at is a pretty low-key hostel mainly for couples and older travelers so my job from 2-7am is pretty boring. Nothing ever happens and I'm usually sitting by myself, which wasn't the hostel I was expected. I'm not complaining since it's an easy job. But I was offered an opportunity to work at a different hostel, a more backpacking party hostel to hostel pub crawls and help out at the hostel. This would be what I was looking for in a hostel experience! Meeting people, having fun, etc. They also pay more a week so it seemed like a win-win situation. I told my current boss that I was living in a week, 3 weeks earlier than expected. I felt kinda bad about it since it was pretty last minute but the offer was too good to turn down. 

Last night, I asked to the normal pub crawl guy why he was leaving early and he said he wasn't leaving anymore. I was very confused so I asked his boss and he told me that the guy changed his mind and was staying until Christmas. This left me in an awkward position because I don't really have a job at either place because the guy changed his mind. I spoke to the boss of the pub crawl and he said that since he already promised me a job I can share with the current guy which means I would be working around 10-12 hours a week so he can only provide accommodation and I would share the place with the guy. According to my roommates who have been there, they said it smells and pretty small so what I have now is a much better deal. This also defeats one of the reasons why I wanted to take the job to begin with because I wanted to make some extra money. So I emailed my current boss and asked him if I could stay if he hadn't found a replacement for me yet. So now we wait... 

Interesting night out in Malaga...

Last night was supposed to be a very low-key night with some drinks before heading to work. After the language exchange, we got drinks and food then went to Oasis Hostel to check out the pub crawl. I did the usual and was planning to tag along until I had to leave for work at 1:45am. We met a huge group of English guys, Americans, and Irish. When we were at our second bar, the big group of British guys said they got a table at a club so we all followed them. I just followed the crowd and next thing we knew, the guide and my friends were nowhere to be seen. So one of the guy and I decided to stay for a drink and then try to meet up with everyone else. I messaged my friend and the tour guide to see where they were. We headed over there after and when we saw him he was furious at at us. He yelled at us for leaving and why we didn't tell him we were leaving and all of this nonsense about his losing his job because of it. For one, if you have ever been on a pub crawl, people leave all the time... people get drunk or they like a certain bar/club so they stay, you will not end up with the entire group all night, it's just a given. So I definitely did not think he was getting fired for us leaving, that seems a bit ridiculous. We explained to him the situation and went inside. We were in there for a bit but decided to head back to the previous club with everyone else.

When we were walking through the entrance of the club, we were pushed through a big crowd and I unfortunately got pick-pocketed. Right when we made it through I knew something was wrong because my bag felt a lot light and when I reached in, it was gone... I was completely sober! It was so frustrating and I rushed back to the other club to check and came back and used Find My Iphone and it was off. I knew someone had stolen it and turned it off right away. That was definitely the terrible part to the night. I didn't really know what to do at that point because I mean what could I have done? I decided to make the most of the rest of the night and headed to work (2.5hrs late... whoops!)

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Granada Day 2: Alhambra + Sacromonte Walking Tour

Granada - Sierra Nevada Hiking + Tapas [Day 1]

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